swedish is the most common and best know massage in the West. Swedish massage is a full body massage that promotes relaxation. It improves circulation, stretches ligaments and tendons, stimulates the skin and nervous system, reduces stress, and speeds recovery time from muscular strain.
deep tissue 
focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue in order to release chronic patterns of tension in the body. Specific problem areas are addressed using slow strokes and deep finger pressure (Trigger Point Therapy).
myofascial release 
is a very gentle yet effective therapy that uses sustained pressure on the fascia of the body (thin connective tissue that weaves continuously throughout the body). Adhesions and scar tissue can be broken down using this type of massage.
is a full body massage that relieves the stress of everyday life. With a focus on the mind-body-spirit-heart connection, integrated massage will leave you feeling whole, integrated, and deeply relaxed.

Unless requested otherwise, Full Circle Massage will use a combination of massage modalities suited to your unique needs on that day, at that time.


Your massage should be as unique as you are...
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