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I started working with Julie last year, using a GroupOn deal.  After one amazing session, I signed up for a monthly 90 minute massage, and haven't seen another masseuse since!  Julie has been able to work out any of my aches or pains in one session, and always gives the most attention to the areas that need it.  I appreciate that she takes the time to consult with me before we get started, and still provides a full 90 minute service.  (see how often that happens at a franchise).  She is knowledgeable and certified for a variety of massage techniques/styles, and I've considered trying different styles as a result of how impressed I am with her deep tissue massage skills.  Give her a shot, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Julie is super-nice, and really made a point to sit down and chat about what I was looking for in a massage, as it was my first visit after being referred to her. She did a great job, and she's very intuitive, and does a great job of finding the right areas to focus on. Looking forward to my next session already!

I am a fitness professional & Pharma Rep and I am very tough on my body. The first massage I ever had with Julie, she had me sit down and tell her about my daily activities, what I do for a living, etc. Since that first massage, I have been going to Julie for about 18 months now and every time, she always asks what's going on and if there is an area she needs to work on for me. She always listens and even if I ask for "too many" things, she makes sure to tell if she doesn't get to something, which part should she skip? I know I like an intense massage where Julie digs into my knots, but it's because I asked for it. If you ask for something else, she'll make sure to go over that plan with you and for a massage - that means everything.

I came to my massage with Julie with a pulled muscle on shoulder. Julie was able to stretch the shoulder so that last night I had my first full night of sleep in a couple of days. Thanks Julie

Julie is great at listening to what I need to work on and then as the massage goes on, other areas connected to the tightness. Always feel so much better and relaxed after, been going to Julie for 6 months now and will keep going back!

I've been seeing Julie for 90 minutes, once a month for a few month now. I can honestly say it is the highlight of my month! Julie does a great job of listening to what I want (to relax) but also working on areas that need work

I met Julie after buying a Groupon last winter, best Groupon i've ever boughten! I now see her once a month for 90min each time. Julie does a great job of combining what I want (to relax) in with working on areas that need to be worked on. Her website is easy to navigate and her hours are accommodating.  You wont be disappointed!

I really enjoyed my massage with Julie, and enjoyed chatting with her too. I'd come back!

I had a 90 minute massage, which is the best of both worlds...the world of complete body massage and working on my stress areas. I also enjoyed the stretching she did.

I saw Julie for a 90 minutes massage. Her availability is great for people who work weekends and evenings and her attention to what you ask for in consultation is spot on. I had been working 50+ hours a week and was actually moving to a new home the day I saw her. I was so pleased at the end of my appointment. She really listens, and my body felt better for weeks. Looking very forward to my next appointment.

Yes, this is as good as it gets!
If you know me, you'll know that I'm a massage snob.  If I'm going to spend an hour or so treating myself to a massage I expect the massage therapist to listen to me and focus on the areas that need extra attention.  Julie begins each session taking inventory of my aches and she focuses on what I tell her to.  I love that I can ask her to spend the majority of the time massaging my neck and shoulders and she does!  I always leave feeling like new.  Give her a shot, she is excellent.

Julie was very attentive- overall a great experience!

Julie did a great job of listening to my explanation of what was going on with my body and tailoring the massage to alleviate pain and stress I have been feeling. I had the 90 minute massage and it was perfect. I left feeling lighter and rejuvenated. The massage studio is also very nice and cozy and I loved the heated massage table! I will definitely be back.

Was given a gift certificate/groupon for a 90 minute massage for Xmas from my family. I had the pleasure of having Julie give me a very relaxing and professional full body massage. Only my second one my whole life. Place was quaint, calming, and charming.

I was nervous before coming in but Julie was fantastic! She really took the time to listen and tailored the appointment around that, I felt better after an hour with her than I have in weeks. I definitely would recommend her!

 Julie spent time with me before the massage to find out what my concerns were. While I had a full body massage, it was obvious that Julie spend extra time on areas of tightness. I loved the personalized care she gave me.

I had a full body massage from Julie and I'm feeling great! During the interview process she really listens to what you need done and makes that her focal point of the massage. Looking forward to my next appointment.

I had a Thai Massage from Julie and I loved it! Very relaxing.